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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fashion Legend Alexander McQueen Exhibit!

On Saturday. May. 28th, 2011 A couple of my fashionistas and I decided that we take a trip to The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York City to experience the Legendary Designer Alexander McQueen's Exhibit "Savage Beauty". This was an amazing experience it was like a walk through closet of every woman's dream with a theatrical ambience. It gave us the history on every single one of his collections from the inspirations of his garment styles, shoes, and accessories to the bizarre yet captivating concepts of his runway shows. If you have a chance please go visit this "retrospective" Alexander McQueen Exhibit "Savage Beauty" at The Met in NYC you'll be AMAZED!
 (It has been extended for an additional week in July 2011) 

The Flourishing Gown

Felted Wool Military Blazer

Killer Heels

An oyster top collection

"The Shoe"

One of my favorite pieces! "Woman"

"The Fashionistas"


1 comment:

  1. Did you sneak pictures?

    I loved the exhibit. It was amazing and quite sad especially, when you have followed his career, appreciate his work, and know the tragic circumstances of his death. There was a girl behind me who actually said, "who was he again". GGGRRR
    Afterwards, I brought the armadillo shoe souvenir, 2 magnets, and of course, the book.
    I will be going back next month to take my sister who wants to see it.