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Monday, July 26, 2010

American Dreaming Magazine "The Stir"

American Dreaming Magazine is the Parent company of the Rick Foundation which is a non-profit organization. On Sunday. July. 25th, 2010 IN Philadelphia American Dreaming Magazine held a fundraising event called "The Stir" at Derek's  restaurant for Autism Speaks: which is a charity that their organization supports and share a personal connection with. This was an inspiration to many of us because their are many young people that's affected with this diease. So coming together for this event was not something beneficial for one's self but to help youths that are struggling with Autism see that their crafts and talents doesn't have to go to waste. Also, the love and care that many of us have for them and we look at them as normal people.
Jeantrix, American Dreaming Magazine, RM67
Very Fashionable!

My new friend FelipeGstylist (celebrity stylist) FAB

Jeantrix & Myself These guys are DARE TO BE DIFFERENT
Check out the spike on the camouflage jacket that are made of screws and the leather vest with such a unique design. Now that's talent! check them out at www.jeantrix.com

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